Love will ever be enough.

Love is never enough and it will never be enough.

For all the fools who think that love can conquer anything might be very rich or have a lucky boon of surviving without food and basic necessities.

You should only fall in love when you are well settled and have a nice earning job. Even then please try and kill all your expectations cause one needs to sleep, eat, work. So there is really less time for love except for the rushed sex or a peck here and there.

Marriage is a concept of lightly putting forward that you have to create babies to make future generation.

And girlfriend and boyfriend or couples are already flawed. They just love and do nothing else at first cause its so exhilarating and new, then in somedays they are burdened with doing something new or keeping up with the emotional challenges of one another and finally they succumb to following their routine so that they dont have to put up with the challenges and it all goes back to few pecks and rushed sex. And running away at the first sign of putting any kind of effort. They always like to believe that putting effort is not going to change anything so why bother wasting time and energy which could very well be utilised in doing something of ones own interest.

Love is there at the back of the mind. Nobody can fight your challenge no matter how much they say they love you and they can never love the whole of you because of that. But they like to believe that you will fight their battle and be with them no matter what, you will never show any kind of disinterest and lastly they will expect from you how much so ever they wish.

So love is not enough ever and forever is a myth like for all the relations in life.



Winter never truly came for her this time. The rule of season said that spring arrived after the cold and chilly winters. Spring began the new cycle. A bud blossomed and grew into beautiful reminder of life.

This time it was autumn for her. All the leaves were shed and bark peeled off slowly. Blisters and blood purged in matter of seconds. Skin oozed with pus and her effigy was hideous. Nobody realized it was her. She had simply ceased to exist, neither in blood and flesh nor in memories. She was covered in dark scars and scales for eternity.

Everything that she knew off was no more the same. The meadow was replaced with a barren land. Black ashes flew in the air as if bodies were being burnt all the time. Water turned into quick sand ponds.

Nothing was colorful anymore. Detachment, dislike and hatred colored her world grey.

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Scared. .

I am often awakened by a light sound.

Someone comes to my bed and sits down.

They caress my hair as if they yearn something.

And I shut my eyes a bit more tight.

I am scared that I wouldn’t be able to give that,

I am scared I wont be able to say that,

What they want from me so bad.

When they get up and leave my side,

they take my sleep with them.

I think Why is it so hard,

to say that yes I love you like you do..


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they take my sleep with them.

I think Why is it so hard,

to say that yes I love you like you

To nothing. .

Loosing myself slowly in the air.

Dispersing in a foreign land.

The crazy palpitation running through my body,

slows down gradually.

I see myself dissolving in the air,

flying like ashes.

Am i free or is it a mirage?

And i feel i die down to nothing. .

Fly again!

Words fail to express this.

This feeling that I have in me.

It ruffles its wings to take a flight,

but stops right in the middle.

I don’t understand you,

I am sorry!

I can’t vocalize you,

I am sorry!

I hope you will let it go.

And forgive me for not expressing you.

If you will then take a flight tomorrow,

when a new day shall begin.

I will try to make you touch the sky,

and you will glide the whole world again.


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The blue is fading from the sky.
Darkness engulfs the clouds.
A hollow inside my heart i feel.

If only i knew, i caused him such grief.
Would have turned back the time,
wiping my traces from his life.