What was it?

Clasping hands of miseries.

Breaking  every single moment.

Crumbling my world lies.

Assurances seem so hollow.

Trust rests on the facaded soul.

His identity undisclosed yet a belief lingers.

Lies pile up and logic wanders.

Was i ever his or it was just customary?

I was in love but

What was it from him?

Image courtesy-Deviantart


6 thoughts on “What was it?

  1. Beautful poem of questions that lie unanswered. and unfulfilled within…embrace the one who never turns away and he will bring a certain peace and joy into your life!

    • Alcina says:

      Thank you Wendell..I wish it were as easy as said to find someone who wont ever turn their back on you and make you happy always.

  2. Emma says:

    Some definite universal emotions being expressed here, I think most of us have come to a place like this at some point in our lives…it’s always tough. Great job with the gripping emotion in this one, Alcina.

  3. I like the structuring of your words which is very effective. A succinct and thought-provoking poem.

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