One us!

Lying on each other bare.
Covering with our essence,
scented with roses and lavenders.
Dipped in the white milk.
Your sparkling eyes glancing mine.
My eyelids close with a blush beneath.
Caressing my arms,
watching me in silence;
My hands moving ,
through your ruffled hair.
As the fervor starts to glow in our being.
Breathe meets,
hunger and need merges.
Perched upon lips a sigh.
The surround serene and dreamy.
How magical it is,
that we bask in so much love,
in those brief moments,
that we create one us!



What was it?

Clasping hands of miseries.

Breaking  every single moment.

Crumbling my world lies.

Assurances seem so hollow.

Trust rests on the facaded soul.

His identity undisclosed yet a belief lingers.

Lies pile up and logic wanders.

Was i ever his or it was just customary?

I was in love but

What was it from him?

Image courtesy-Deviantart

Life in standstill

I look from here it seems so long.

Back or front everything conflicts.

Rising from the ashes the past engulfs.

Calling from ahead the future awaits.

In the dilemma of choosing ;

to go back or move in front,

life experiences a standstill..

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