Winter never truly came for her this time. The rule of season said that spring arrived after the cold and chilly winters. Spring began the new cycle. A bud blossomed and grew into beautiful reminder of life.

This time it was autumn for her. All the leaves were shed and bark peeled off slowly. Blisters and blood purged in matter of seconds. Skin oozed with pus and her effigy was hideous. Nobody realized it was her. She had simply ceased to exist, neither in blood and flesh nor in memories. She was covered in dark scars and scales for eternity.

Everything that she knew off was no more the same. The meadow was replaced with a barren land. Black ashes flew in the air as if bodies were being burnt all the time. Water turned into quick sand ponds.

Nothing was colorful anymore. Detachment, dislike and hatred colored her world grey.

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