A rose

Through the dark meadows she walked.
Poised in grace she stood.
Her shimmering white skin,
bathing in moonlight.
Dipped in pain her body,
transformation seeped in each pore.
Her whole being blooming with a rush.
Bosom covered with green leaves.
Sepals hiding the plane belly.
Blossoming and throbbing with red,
her svelte body redefined.
As at last the petals arrived,
shaping with intricate detailing,
covered her from beneath.
She now glowed in pleasure,
now that the pain had surpassed.
Making her a unique red rose,
in the kingdom of love,
for the first time,
devoid of thorns..

Image Courtesy
Deviantart:Rose by ~Tita-Kit


12 thoughts on “A rose

  1. Alcina, a very beautiful poem and a lovely image just sets it off! I enjoyed it…thanks for sharing…it brought a smile to my face!

  2. milenanik3 says:

    An amazing poem.I am so glad to find this blog of Yours.

  3. swanrose says:

    very nice I really like the way you ended it

  4. tigerbrite says:

    Intruiging poem. The woman becoming like the rose. The red rose is so special, a symbol of the heart.

  5. A wonderfully developed metaphor!

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