A flickering light pours in,

the darkness parts its cloak.

The radiance it hurts my eyes.

I have been in this dungeon for so long.

The day was decided when i was thrown here.

I had loved him,

he took me for mere pleasure.

I abandoned my belongings,

because they were just things.

But i promised myself;

i would erase the memories in dark.

I would learn to laugh at my plight.

It seems like eons have passed since then.

Still as the light penetrates i can remember you,

your shadow,your fragrance,your voice.

I left them i thought!

i forgot you i thought!

You step in right through the penetrating light,

look into my eyes with an apology.

I stare with no sense of belonging.

And i say Oh! i know you are here why,

I am such a stupid,

how could i not do that.

Now that you have come,

I shall say,

“Our paths shall never cross now

you can live with your dream girl

Hereby i bid you a long awaited goodbye.”


8 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Emma says:

    Sounds like tough times, Alcina. You’ve expressed this so well, I really have a clear sense of the suffering and the feelings that are oppressing the speaker.

  2. A beautiful written poem Alcina! I absolutely loved it. Very dark, deeply descriptive. You get a real feeling that the women in the dungeon has truly been hurt badly and decieved by this man, and has been imprisoned for so long because of it. I like how you talk about the passage of time, as though it seems like forever, before her release. And how she has tried to blank out those bad memories, which suddently flood back, when he’s standing in the light of the open doorway of the cell. I’m glad that the lady finally holds the power in her hands, and isn’t seduced by the man anymore. She is leaving him behind. Great piece of writing! Much Love Paul OXOXOXO

    • Alcina says:

      Oh wow! You described it just perfect and so wonderfully that you told me what you understood from the poem 🙂 Thank you so much for the appreciation.
      Love to you too!

      • You’re welcome Alcina! I loved your poem, and wanted to give you my thoughts about it. I’m glad you enjoyed my feedback. Have a beautiful Weekend! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO

  3. Jaan Pehchaan says:

    Goodbye are just words that you can say, but your heart can never say it, forever!

    • Alcina says:

      Yes that is indeed true but sometimes you have to fake through brain in front of your heart so that you can move to the coming future without getting forever stuck to a bitter past.

  4. Jaan Pehchaan says:

    Your comment had me thinking for many hours after that, and I had to come back and re-read your GoodBye. Nicely written and thought provoking.

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