A flickering light pours in,

the darkness parts its cloak.

The radiance it hurts my eyes.

I have been in this dungeon for so long.

The day was decided when i was thrown here.

I had loved him,

he took me for mere pleasure.

I abandoned my belongings,

because they were just things.

But i promised myself;

i would erase the memories in dark.

I would learn to laugh at my plight.

It seems like eons have passed since then.

Still as the light penetrates i can remember you,

your shadow,your fragrance,your voice.

I left them i thought!

i forgot you i thought!

You step in right through the penetrating light,

look into my eyes with an apology.

I stare with no sense of belonging.

And i say Oh! i know you are here why,

I am such a stupid,

how could i not do that.

Now that you have come,

I shall say,

“Our paths shall never cross now

you can live with your dream girl

Hereby i bid you a long awaited goodbye.”


Life in standstill

I look from here it seems so long.

Back or front everything conflicts.

Rising from the ashes the past engulfs.

Calling from ahead the future awaits.

In the dilemma of choosing ;

to go back or move in front,

life experiences a standstill..

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