Spilling on the pure white paper.
Engulfing the light,
it ran through the quill.
It sang of misery and of love;
 Shaping songs of silence
and ballads pranced in plenty.
Conspiring with each letter.
Pouring secrets in blithe.
Realization stood upon,
through those dark curves.
Painted in black.

8 thoughts on “Words

  1. Emma says:

    ‘Realization stood upon, through those dark curves’…that’s a fine line of poetry, Alcina. Great exploration of writing, something that’s always on my mind 🙂 …love the picture too.

  2. I like your words! Perfectly matching the image! Thank you for visiting me and commenting! Nice to meet you! Blaga

  3. The image and the poem speak a thousand words…loved it!

  4. Purvi says:

    Your blog is simply lovely! ❤ Am hooked 🙂

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