Life in standstill

I look from here it seems so long.

Back or front everything conflicts.

Rising from the ashes the past engulfs.

Calling from ahead the future awaits.

In the dilemma of choosing ;

to go back or move in front,

life experiences a standstill..

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8 thoughts on “Life in standstill

  1. Emma says:

    I love the picture you’ve chosen to pair with your poem here, it adds another dimension to the words and really drives your point home. You’ve painted a picture of a dilemma here that I think most humans can relate to. I especially like your focus on the feeling that moving in either direction will not really cause progress. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. tigerbrite says:

    I feel from the picture that there is something more than indecision. Conflict, as you say, emanates from those threatening fingers which channel an energy of attack. The pose is one of defense.
    Haven’t we all experienced this at some time during our lives 🙂
    The point of choosing the way forward. Expressive write.

  3. A very true message and the image enriches it! I love it! Also thanks for visiting my site this morning!

  4. swanrose says:

    Very nice Alcina

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